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Our Tradeline!

Industrial X-Ray Films
AGFA SIZE:10 x 40cm, 10 x 24cm, 3 ½" x 17", 4 ½ x 17" For Industrial Radiography

Industrial Packing Material
Asbestos Graphited Packing Sqr., Brass Wire Graphited Round/Sqr .Packing; Asbestos Graphited Steam Packing, Hydraulic Packing , Teflon Sheet, White Grease Packing ,Lead Strip.

Spiral Wound Gasket

Industrial Adhesives
Epoxys, Epoxy, Thinner Red Spray Varnish, P.T.F.E Spray, H.T. Tapes, H.T. Jointing Solutions And Many More.

Industrial & Commercial Refractories
Fire Cement For Laying Refractory Brick, Air Setting H.T. Mortar, Castable AL2 For Refractory Repair, High Alumina Castable, Mouldable Refractories, Magnesia/Asbestos Insulation Power, Acid Resistant Mortar.

Electrical machine Tools
Angle Grinder, Drill Machine Cut off Machine And Many More.

Pipe Rods and Plates
In P.T.F.E. Nylon, lead Graphite, Farros & non Farros Material.

Pipe Fittings
In Farros, non Farros and PVC Material.

Welding Machinery & Equipments
A.C Are Welding Transformers, Resistance Spot Welders, Resistance Steam Welders, Resistance Butt Welders, D.C. Are Welding Rectifier, All Sort Of Welding Rods.

Bolts, Screws, Rivits, Nuts, Scaffoldings, in Farros & non Farros Material.

Rubber Hoses
For Fire, oils & Chemicals.

Rubber Madeups
Chemical resistant Suit, V-Belts Conveyors, Sheets & Diaphragms Rubber Oil Seals Jackated Also in Teflon Materials.

Electrical Cables
1/.044’’, 3/.029’’, 7/.029’’ .7/.036’’ .7/.044’’ .7/.052’’ ,7/.064’’ ,1.00mm2, 1.5mm2, .0mm2, 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm2,10mm2, Copper Conductor BSS-20004, PVC/PVC Sheated, Single/Double, Three & Four Core.

Cutting Tools
H.S.S. Hacksaw Power Blade, Drill, Reamers, EndMills, Gear & Hobb Cutters, Cutting & Grinding disc, Flexovit.

Safety Materials
Fire suits, Half face mask, Body Harness, Oxygen Sensor, Safety Shoes.

Gate valve, safety valve, butterfly valve, check valve, needle valve, steam trap, solenoid valve, and as per your requirement.

Spherical roller bearing and many more. SKF-NTN-NSK.

Lifting Equipments
Hydraulic stackers, Hands pallet trucks, Hydraulic beam lifting transport trolly, Hydraulic floor crane, Hydraulic gear box trolly.

Medical/Health Sector
Ultrasound gel, Rolls & Printer Mitsubishi/Sony, Chinese Ultrasound Machines, X-Ray films, A herbal product, pain relief gel for normal arthritis problems, externally used(for human body),available in minimum 25Kgs plastic bucket/can

Disc Humidifier (Fixed Type) Model:P-6
Extensively employed in textile, tobacco, paper, printing, food, leather, chemical, and number of other industries for purpose of humidity regulation.

Water Treatment Solutions for Industries Chillers & Boilers
RD-11-COMPLEX i.e corrosion inhibitor for close recirculating cooling chilled water system and closed recirculating heating water system.
CHEMQUEST-206 i.e for scale inhibitor for boiler(internal treatment of boiler feed water) .

Plastic Crates
Transportation and storage made easy for tobacco, fisheries, poultry, food, processors, agricultural products, cold storage, fruit juices Manufacturers & automobile ancillaries .

Abso-Barrier Geo Membrane HD & RD
Liners for civil engineering & environmental application. like: Roadway separation, Rail road stabilization, Sub-srface drainage, Geomembrane protection, Hard armour underlayment, Asphalt overlay. Characteristics: High puncture & tear resistant, high chemical resistant, Excellent long term aging, Excellent weldability, Low permeability to gases, High alongation & comformity .

Material to be used in civil work/ contruction
Water stop-rx, aplex joint fil Apoxy Drycote Epoxy adhesive Ceresit CR 66 Dermabit water proofing membranes & liquids Polycoat Bitumen Emulsion .

Regeant & Lab. Grade Chemicals

Universal Joint Kit
Compatible to all type of Earth moving machinery Cater Piller, Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo ,Cummins & Motor grader .

for textile dying units, for application over roads in winter season in Europe ,U.S.A & Canada at very attractive price .

PVC Resin Tile Grade
Exact substitute of French brand Locovil Auto fina .

ATM (J) Rolls
ATM (J) Rolls for banks ATM machines .

Measuring Instruments
Electronic & manual measuring instruments(Sanwa, Mitutotyo, Omron) .

Household & Groceries
Wide range of groceries & households Products for Departmental Stores .

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